Twitter and IBM Partner to Transform Decision Making

I’m thrilled to announce that Twitter and IBM are partnering to transform how businesses and institutions understand their customers, markets and trends – and inform every business decision. For details, see our post on the Twitter blog and IBM’s press release.

Gnip and Twitter join forces

Gnip is one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of social data. We partnered with Twitter four years ago to make it easier for organizations to realize the benefits of analyzing data across every public Tweet. The results have exceeded our wildest expectations. We have delivered more than 2.3 trillion Tweets to customers in 42 countries who use those Tweets to provide insights to a multitude of industries including business intelligence, marketing, finance, professional services, and public relations.

Today I’m pleased to announce that Twitter has agreed to acquire Gnip! Combining forces with Twitter allows us to go much faster and much deeper. We’ll be able to support a broader set of use cases across a diverse set of users including brands, universities, agencies, and developers big and small. Joining Twitter also provides us access to resources and infrastructure to scale to the next level and offer new products and solutions.

This acquisition signals clear recognition that investments in social data are healthier than ever. Our customers can continue to build and innovate on one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of social data and the foundation for innovation is now even stronger. We will continue to serve you with the best data products available and will be introducing new offerings with Twitter to better meet your needs and help you continue to deliver truly innovative solutions.

Finally, a huge thank you to the team at Gnip who have poured their hearts and souls into this business over the last 6 years. My thanks to them for all the work they’ve done to get us to this point.

We are excited for this next step and look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Gnip Announces Partnership With RSN

RSN Gnip Sign Partnership

Today I am proud to announce that Gnip has  partnered with RSN, a leading provider of social data and analysis in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), to help us serve a fascinating and fast-growing market.

Gnip has long been a believer in letting the experts do what they do best. We focus on delivering highly reliable, scalable, and complete data sources. Our partners and customers are the world’s best analytic software and platform providers. We work together because doing so leverages both of our core capabilities to create a stronger solution for the end client.

That belief is a key reason we select the international partners we do, as we did previously with Hottolink, an industry leader in Japan, and as we do now with RSN.

South Korea is an incredibly vibrant market – with one of the world’s highest Internet penetration rates in the world (over 80% as of 2013). It also has one of the fastest growing mobile penetration rates in the world. A result of that internet penetration and mobile sophistication is incredible growth in the use of social platforms to communicate.

eMarketer estimates that, among 38.4 million internet users in South Korea at the end of 2013, 26.6 million used a social networking site at least once per month. Overall social networking usage grew in South Korea by 7.4% in 2013, including a 9.3% rise in the number of people using Facebook at least monthly. In addition, South Korea has one of the largest blogging communities in the world, and there are over 7.5M Twitter account holders in South Korea, with over 1M of those Tweeting at least once a month.

With this many consumers using social media, businesses must find ways to identify, communicate and learn from the public social data that South Korean consumers generate. But the market is still young, and still requires thought leaders to help companies use this data.

For this reason, Gnip has partnered with RSN, a leading Asian social data and social analysis company. They are a well-known and highly respected name in South Korea. RSN shares many values with Gnip, including a core commitment to customer service and support, and a deep understanding of the impact that social data can have in many different industries. While RSN has an excellent social analytics product, they are unique in that they also possess excellent data delivery and API experience – a necessity for our partnership.

RSN will represent Gnip in sales and customer support in South Korea, and we are grateful for their experience in supporting our growth and entry into the market.

GnipExecutivesRSNExecutives copy

RSN and Gnip Sign Partnership


Gnip and Twitter Bringing Social Data to Academic Researchers

What if the next generation of data scientists could have access to social data for their research? And what if we could help increase the quantity and quality of published research using social data? Exploring what might be possible has led to an exciting new collaboration between Twitter and Gnip. Today, we’re announcing the pilot of the Twitter Data Grants program, a new initiative designed to support research and fuel innovation in our industry. (You can find Twitter’s announcement here.)

Beginning today, Twitter is accepting Data Grant proposals for non-commercial, academic research. The submission period will run through March 15th, and Twitter will select a small number of recipients on April 15th. Gnip will provide grantees with the data they need for their research projects, and Twitter engineers will be available for research support.

Gnip is committed to establishing the foundation for the long-term success of the social data industry. In 2012, we launched the Big Boulder Conference, bringing together the leaders in the social data ecosystem to discuss trends, best practices, and how social data is being used to shape current industries and create new ones. In 2013, we launched the Big Boulder Initiative to jointly address the key challenges facing us as an industry.

We’re excited to partner with Twitter on the Data Grants program and look forward to working more closely with researchers in the academic community. We also want to thank these researchers for the valuable insights and feedback that they’ve shared with us to date. This is an important first step and we’re just getting started.

To get updates and stay in touch with the Twitter Data Grants program, make sure to follow @TwitterEng, or email with questions.

Gnip Adds Russian Social Network VK to Data Sources

During Big Boulder last year, a significant part of the discussion focused on the explosion of social conversations happening outside the US.

One of the most interesting regions for our customers is Russia where two-thirds of the population uses the Internet. While Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and others continue to see growth in Russia, VK (formerly VKontakte) is far and away the dominant social network.

As we get closer to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the demand for social data from VK has grown from a murmur to a deafening buzz. In response to this demand, we’re launching VK on our Data Collector product. We’ve already had several customers accessing VK data during the beta period, including Oracle and Adobe who have a very real and pressing need to serve international customers.

Well before the frenzy of the Winter Olympics, major global brands have invested the resources needed to build and maintain their presence on VK. Big brands spend time building communities on VK, and like any marketing effort, they need to be assured that they’ll see a return on their investments. By leveraging VK social data through the Gnip Data Collector, companies will now be able quickly and easily monitor for mentions of their brand among the site’s more than 236 million users.

Keep in mind that VK is much more than a social network, and Gnip will have data on albums, photos, documents, notes and more. VK also provides gender and geo information, making it that much easier for brands to get to know their Eastern European audiences.

VK is not only the dominant social network in Russia, but is also the second largest social network in all of Europe. It supports three official languages — Russian, Ukrainian and English.

We’re excited to continue to add the sources that our customers are demanding. We can’t wait to see what they build.

Russian social data


Hottolink Goes Public in Japan

In October of this year, Hottolink was named as Gnip’s sales agent in Japan. This week, Hottolink was publically listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers, and we couldn’t be more excited for them. Hottolink has been leading the social media analytics space in Japan and their CEO Koki Uchiyama is at the forefront of social data and analytics.

Hottolink Goes Public


Congratulations Flowers

We’re big fans of Uchiyama-san and Hottolink members. We’re looking forward to growing the social data ecosystem in Asia together.

Charting the Future of Social Data: The Big Boulder Initiative

In June, we launched the Big Boulder Initiative at our annual Big Boulder Conference. The goal of the Initiative is to establish the foundation for the long-term success of the social data industry by addressing the key challenges facing us as an industry. Since that announcement, there’s been a lot going on and it’s time for an update.

This fall, we held small workshops in 4 different cities – New York, Washington DC, Seattle and San Francisco.  The goal of these workshops was to get 15-20 thought leaders together in each city to discuss the future of social data and the challenges we all face in creating the future we believe is possible. The feedback on these sessions has been fantastic. You can check out the video recap below:

Across all of the workshops, we had over 60 participants, representing a range of different perspectives – publishers, brands, solution providers, analysts, public sector, finance and more.  This included companies such as Adobe, Boeing, Disney, Fidelity, Foursquare, General Dynamics, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Nordstrom, NYSE, Palantir, Salesforce, Thomson Reuters, Twitter, and others.

Out of these workshops, it’s clear there’s no lack of challenges or issues to address.  This isn’t surprising given the early nature of the social data industry and is one of the reasons the opportunities are so exciting. Across the workshops, there were six key areas that bubbled up that we agreed should be the highest priority.

  • Privacy, Trust & Regulation

  • ROI & Value

  • Data Access

  • Data Standardization

  • Cost of Data

  • Data Quality & Validity

The participants in each workshop also elected members to a Board of Directors for the Big Boulder Initiative. The Board has 10 members and represents a great cross-section of the industry, with representation from Publishers, Solution Providers, Brands, Analysts, and emerging verticals like Finance and the Public Sector. The Board members are:

  • Carmen Sutter from Adobe

  • Chris Moody from Gnip

  • Damon Cortesi from Simply Measured

  • Jason Gowans from Nordstrom

  • Jason Thomas from Thomson Reuters Special Services

  • Megan Kelley from Fidelity Investments

  • Stu Shulman from Vision Critical

  • Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group

  • Tom Watson from NYSE

  • Zach Hofer-Shall from Twitter

With the Board in place, the next step is for the Board to meet in the New Year, discuss all of the inputs from the workshops and chart a path forward. I’ll be serving as interim chair until the Board selects the full-time chair and I expect that one of the key points of discussion will be how to ensure that all voices in the industry are heard and have the opportunity to participate.  If you already know you want to be involved, you can go to and put your name on the list to be notified as things move forward.

It’s been great to get the Big Boulder Initiative off the ground and into the hands of such a strong and capable group to drive things forward.  Look another update in Q1 after the Board has met.


Gnip Names Hottolink an Exclusive Sales Agent in Japan

It’s probably not news to most readers of this blog that Japan constitutes one of the largest and most vocal social media user bases.

But what’s less talked about is the growing ecosystem of Japanese companies built to analyze the content these users create. This ecosystem, like in the US, is built to educate businesses on how to use social data to drive important daily decisions. This education includes supporting decisions for marketing campaigns, product feedback, supply chain and inventory levels and many other uses.

Given this fast-growing ecosystem, Gnip wants to ensure that our growing client base in Japan has support on the ground; we want to provide them with the highest level of experience and attention we can – without the constraints of different time zones or different language. We are therefore incredibly proud to announce that Gnip has named Hottolink, Inc. our exclusive sales agent in Japan for complete coverage of social data from leading platforms like Twitter, Foursquare and WordPress.

Hottolink has been a strategic Gnip partner since 2012, and a social analytics and data leader in Japan long before that. Their experience in social analytics, their leadership in developing this ecosystem in Japan, and their dedication to client service were all reasons we wanted to work with them.

While clients will still sign service contracts with Gnip, Hottolink will be our on-ground agent to manage the sales process and provide support for all stages of client use. As a result, clients in Japan get access to Gnip data from Twitter and Tumblr, as well as our exclusive sources like Foursquare, WordPress and Disqus.

In addition, and to better serve this growing Japanese market, Gnip has incorporated Hottolink’s Japanese language processing engine – the leader in the field. This allows us to more accurately filter for Japanese language activities for our clients.

Our history with Hottolink has taught us that they are capable of incredible things, and we look forward to this close partnership and all benefits it will provide to our current and future clients.

For more information, please email

Plugged In To Gnip: Shining A Light On Social Data

Plugged In To Gnip

Today we announced our Plugged In To Gnip partnership program. Although this is an important milestone for our company, we believe this program clearly marks the beginning of new era in the quickly maturing social data ecosystem and that the benefits of today’s announcement will be felt by the end users of social data analysis for years to come.

As we’ve often said, we believe social data has unlimited value and near limitless application. Countless companies, governments, and researchers are now making critical decisions based upon this data. Much of the emphasis across these applications to date has been on the analysis and insights layer. At the same time, there has been clear recognition that the analysis and insights derived from these various solutions are only as good as the underlying social data they are built upon.

In the early days of the ecosystem, the options for accessing reliable, sustainable, and comprehensive social data were very limited. Solution providers that were building upon a sound data layer didn’t want to reveal their proprietary data acquisition secrets. Providers that did not have sound solution, wanted to avoid the data discussion all together. As a result, companies were talking about their solutions without shining a light on the critical data layer portion of the equation.

If social data is going to reach its full potential, the underlying data must be reliable, sustainable, and complete. As an industry we must shine a light on social data so that the data layer is analyzed and scrutinized as much as the application itself. As the world’s largest provider of social data, Gnip has a unique view of the ecosystem and of the organizations that are committed to highest level of social data integrity. At its core, the Plugged In program is a way for us to collaborate with these advanced data organizations to keep driving the ecosystem forward.

There are lots of benefits to partners participating in the program including early access to new data and new features. But, the big winner is the end user. Plugged In To Gnip partners can confidently certify to their end users that they have complete and authorized access to the best social data in the world.


Tumblr Analytics: It’s a Whole New World

Union Metrics has been with Gnip since the early days, using our social data in their flagship product, TweetReach. Earlier this year, when we announced the availability of social data from Tumblr, we were excited that Union Metrics moved quickly to start building a new product based on that data. Last week, Union Metrics launched Union Metrics for Tumblr and was named Tumblr’s preferred analytics provider.

We’re big believers in Tumblr and the value of the conversations taking place there. As we’ve talked about in the social cocktail, Tumblr content has unique properties. Our data science shows that Tumblr content is inherently viral – able to amplify conversations about any topic – and even more than that, the content on Tumblr has incredible staying power.

And we’re not the only believers in Tumblr. Brands like Adidas and Coca-Cola have been actively engaging and advertising on Tumblr since the launch of Tumblr’s advertising platform earlier this year.

Congrats to the team at Union Metrics! This is exciting news and we’re only at the beginning.

You can read more in AdWeek, The Next Web and GigaOm.