Adobe “Plugs In” to the Gnip Partner Program

Gnip is proud to announce that Adobe has joined our Plugged In To Gnip partner program today.

While Adobe is known for leadership in many areas of multimedia and creativity software, the Gnip partnership is in support of their social marketing management platform. As you may have seen in their recent and hilarious commercial, Adobe Social aims to “Measure ROI on social media. Definitely.” And they have made a distinct investment in building a scalable social marketing solution that can do so. That investment depends on reliable social data and requires trust and partnership in working with their social data provider.

As a Certified Twitter Product, Adobe meets Twitter’s high criteria for Twitter certification.

As a Plugged In To Gnip partner, Adobe is recognized for meeting our high standard of reliable, compliant and sustainable access to all social media that fuels their product. Not only does Gnip provide Adobe’s mission-critical Twitter data, we also support their customers’ need for other social sources including Disqus, Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook, YouTube and Reddit.

We are incredibly proud that Adobe entrusts to Gnip the task of delivering, normalizing and supporting the data that fuels Adobe Social and we’re excited at the continuing closeness this partnership brings. If you’re at Adobe Summit 2013 this Thursday, you can see our own Chris Moody speaking with Adobe and Kelley Blue Book about the importance of the right social data.

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